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Here’s what guests are saying about our food tours…


I wouldn’t normally do something like this but I had so much fun!! I was invited by a friend to do the Cary tour. Jacquelyn, our guide, was very knowledgeable and friendly. It was fun meeting new people on the tour as well. I have lived in Cary for 20 years and I still found the tour very interesting and knowledgeable and the food was yummy! I highly recommend Triangle Food Tours! Jodi V.


We had a wonderful experience this afternoon with Victoria! The restaurants were all places we had never been to before and we really enjoyed it. I think it would be fun to do with a group and it wasn’t too much walking. They recommend bringing a water bottle but I don’t think that was necessary. Good time and good food. Kristie S.


I recently had the pleasure of participating in the Chapel Hill food tour and it was AWESOME!! So much fun to try new spots, including several we never would have known about without the tour. We also learned more about the community and enjoyed the company of our knowledgeable guide. I can’t recommend it enough!! Sarah S.


We enjoyed the energy of the tour guide. That can really make or break these adventures that we soo love to take. We will definitely check out the tour they have in Durham. I so look forward to it! Ashley G.


Zoe is an incredible guide for the Durham tour! Clearly, she has established a wonderful rapport with the local restaurant owners and that creates a positive experience for everyone in the tour. Jean S.


This is my second time taking the Durham tour & it was amazing! I have taken all of their tours except Cary. All tours are awesome!!! Renee W.


It was time – the itch for a little adventure needed to be scratched! Hubby and I have always said that we’d love to be full time foodies when the kids are gone. It’s taking forever so every once in a while we live it up and dabble in a delightful day of foodie fun. Triangle Food Tours gives us the chance to explore a number of eateries all in one afternoon, learn a little history, see a little of the town, and walk off a bit of the calories we take on. This is our fifth tour (second in durham) and every restaurant on the docket was new to us. There wasn’t a clunker in the bunch.A side benefit is that we never fail to meet interesting people. Whether they are locals like us or from out of town, start up conversations and you will meet people from all walks of life who simply love food! Our tour guide (Reuben!!!) was delightful and informative and took good care of us all. Can’t recommend TFT highly enough! Lyric K. 


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We spend a wonderful afternoon in Raleigh with Sarah. The group was fun, she was very informative and kept us moving. What a great afternoon—We loved Rye—the chef was great and first time for fried green tomatoes and grits and shrimp—we will return. Thanks—it was a perfect afternoon for a KC visitor and a newbie Raleighite. Debbie G. 


This was a fun afternoon to try some restaurants you may not normally visit and see around Raleigh. We had a great time with Victoria and left stuffed. Kristie S.



We had such a wonderful tour with Jacquelyn. She was so informative and took us to the most
wonderful restaurants. The food was delicious and so much of it, we were so full we had to put some in
doggy bags. We will definitely call again when we are back in Raleigh, cant wait!!


“I lived in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area for about 15 years and every time I do the tour I learn something or try something new.   Indian, French, Greek, wine, and beer, all in one afternoon.  Who could ask for anything better!” 
Dan A


“I moved to Raleigh 8 years ago and have been wanting to do this tour and just never got around to it. I am so glad that we made this a team building event at work and I got to experience it. We all had a wonderful time, our tour guide was great and the restaurant owners/chefs were amazing. It was so nice to visit places I never knew existed; I will certainly be going back to some of the restaurants in the near future and I am looking to get a group of friends together to possibly do a tour up in Durham.” Dawn A 

“My wife and I took the Raleigh food tour in August.  Our guide was Sarah and she was delightful.  We started at Rye at the Marriott hotel – really good shrimp and grits. Then it was off to Tasty 8s (hot dog and fries), Vita Vite (sparkling wine), Taverna Agora (lamb chop, pita and sauces), Virgil’s Taqueria (deep fried avocado tacos) and finally Treat (ice cream). The tour ran from 2 PM to 5 PM and Sarah passed along tidbits of Raleigh history along the way. It was great and a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Plenty of food, too! Highly recommended – we received a gift certificate for the tour at Christmas and it was a wonderful gift.” Glen K.

 “We received the Triangle Food Tour downtown Raleigh as a gift and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Our guide was quite personable and knowledgeable and we went to several places we would not have found on our own and enjoyed all of the stops. Various chefs, owners and managers provided a history or their establishments and described what was being served. The biggest surprise of the tour was Tasty 8 on Fayetteville St., but none of the stops was disappointing and we now have several new places on our list of places to dine downtown. We are thinking of making this an annual event as the stops change over time.”  John A.

“My wife and I took this tour last weekend in downtown Raleigh. We have taken a few of these in other cities in the past, and its a great way to get to know the area and surrounding restaurant scene.

This is the first time we have taken a tour in our home city, and I would strongly encourage locals to check it out. You might think this is a touristy thing, but every single person on our tour was actually from the Triangle. Being locals ourselves, it made it a lot more fun to talk to people about their experiences in the area and what restaurants they liked (even if they weren’t on the tour).

Our tour guide was Sara, who did a great job of leading us around downtown, pointing out various historical points (the capital building, why it wasn’t destroyed in the war, the reason why the center of downtown has four cathedrals, etc, etc). She was extremely knowledgeable, not just about the history, but about what’s going on in the area as well. She was on a tour with all locals and there didn’t seem to be an event or place she hadn’t heard of or participated in.You won’t leave this tour hungry either, the portions were enough that you probably won’t eat dinner after. Ross B.

“Our walking food tour of downtown Durham was delicious! We had a great time getting to know everyone in our group and our guide was kind, entertaining, and full of fun facts about the area. Although we had eaten in Durham many times, I had no idea how much we were missing out on!


Triangle Food Tour was the perfect way to spend our day; delicious food, delightful company, and anecdotal history of the area! Hands down the best way to get to know the triangle.” Mary J.

“I went on the downtown Durham tour last weekend with my GF and we had a great time.  Our tour guide was knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  The food at each location was plentiful, tasty, plated well, and always available promptly with our arrivals.  There were also staffers/owners available at each location to give an informative spiel and answer questions.  Something else I liked about the tour was that we started in a part of downtown with more established places, but tracked to a newer area with a bunch of places I have never been.  All in all I highly recommend it!”  Joseph H.

“This tour was a gift from our daughter for our 40th wedding anniversary. What a pleasant experience! We discovered restaurants that we would never have found on our own, we enjoyed the other tour participants, learned some historical facts and discovered downtown Durham!?  Lori P.

“Took the Cary Food Tour and had a blast! Highly recommend this tour to anyone, whether you’ve lived here your whole life or are just passing through. My husband and I have lived in Cary a little over 2 years but have never taken the time to explore downtown. Never thought there was much to do there. The Food Tour has totally changed our opinion of downtown Cary! We loved every place we visited and had so much fun on the tour. It was a great mix of different place to try with some interesting local history thrown in. Our tour guide Sarah was fun and engaging. The small size of the tour means you get to chat and mingle with everyone, which was great! The places we visited were all very accommodating and served great food! Our favorite place was definitely Academy Street Bistro! I have wanted to visit there since they opened. We loved the mini crab cakes! The atmosphere and service there were top notch! We will definitely be giving Academy Street Bistro (and all the other places on the tour) another visit. Cannot wait to try another food tour again sometime! We will definitely check out the one in Raleigh at some point.” Sara M


“I’m a newbie in Chapel hill and when I heard about the tour I thought this would be a nice way to know not only the place itself but also to meet people and to know what kind of food some of the restaurants in Chapel Hill can offer. I definitely loved “Cholanad” and Kipos.  Indian and Greek cuisine respectively. Both of the hosts were not only friendly but very knowledgeable about the food, the region and of course the ingredients! I’m pretty sure that doing these kind of tours is a good way to discover the hidden gems!” Estrella F


“We recently took the Downtown Raleigh Walking Tour. What a really cool way to spend a gorgeous Saturday afternoon! The chosen restaurants provided a great variety of tastings and experiences. The progression was perfect and seemed well thought out. Our favorite stops included Posta Tuscan Grille, Zinda and 518 West. The chef at Posta was so personable and the staff were so welcoming. Not to mention the food was amazing! Zinda was a super cool place that we had never heard of before so that was great. The samplings were yummy and we hope to go back to try other things on their menu. The tour of the space was a nice addition to the overall tour as well! The Exec chef at 518 was so funny, warm and engaging in his conversations. And the wood-fired pizza that he prepared for us was out of this world! So fresh and delicious. You could definitely taste the love he claimed to put into it! 😉 Ellen, our guide, was very friendly, knowledgeable, and did a good job of leading us around. We will definitely suggest Triangle Food Tours to friends and hope to take another one ourselves soon. It’s one thing to have the many tastings from all the restaurants but to have the chefs come to explain the dishes and concepts to you as well was very neat. It’s such a unique and fun way for foodies, or anyone, to explore the area. Thank you!” Laurie M


“Life’s short – eat dessert first”. And so we did, with cake at Blue Moon. Who knew downtown Cary had so much to offer? So many hidden gems right here in my backyard. I’m looking forward to returning to them all, especially Café 121 for more fried green beans, and Academy St Bistro for crab cakes.” Lanaya C


” I was amazed that there were so many new restaurants in downtown Raleigh. The ones we visited were each unique and gave us a taste of their delicious cuisine. I really enjoyed learning about some of the chefs and their history too. I hope to go to some of these restaurants to try some other items on the menu. ” Genny I

“My husband and I went on the Triangle Food Tour of downtown Cary with three other couples and had a great time. We were pleasantly surprised at how many restaurants where included in the tour – from Blue Moon Bakery, a specialty bakery, to the new Academy Street Bistro, an upscale contemporary eatery with a great wine list. We loved everything we ate and drank – a fun activity for a group or just a friend or two. Whether you are new to the area or have lived here for years, you will enjoy this one – and you will not leave hungry!” Rena H


“We had a great guide, Shola, who was informative, professional, and friendly. Loved all the restaurants! The owners were most welcoming and made us feel at home. My favorite was The Little Dipper. The food was delicious, healthy, and fun to eat. The owner, Ben, was enthusiastic and informative. The atmosphere is warm and interesting. My husband and I enjoyed the entire experience including the walking- it helped get us ready for the next sampling as we walked from restaurant to restaurant. Thank you for a great and yummy afternoon!”  Bruna P


“So, yeah. full disclosure. This was our first ‘food tour’ so we were a tad uncertain going in, armed only with the written description of this experience. We had a blast!! We walked. We ate. We met some very interesting people who joined us for the tour. We walked. We ate more. It was great. The part we liked the best was the opportunity to visit with the chefs. At every stop, the chef would serve something in which they took great pride. They would come out to greet the tour group. Several are involved with the competitive cooking circuit, and we were tasting their competition-winning creations. Tapping into their creative genius was insightful, as they shared their perspective on international culture, life, love and gastronomy. The last stop, they pretty much served us a complete meal. We had delightful weather, and the walk in between settled us and gave space for the next exploration. For someone on a caloric budget, these were calories well-spent!”  Tom S.

“We had so much fun yesterday! Our guide was charming and knowledgeable. Durham is one of our favorite places in the Triangle, and we learned things about the city, the buildings, the architecture and the history that we didn’t know before. The tour offered a nice variety of bites, and all of them were delicious. One of our favorite things, though, was the fact that the owners were willing to take the time to share their stories with us. Very inspiring! It was a great experience.” Colleen P


“My wife and had the pleasure of taking the Chapel Hill/Carrboro tour this weekend, and absolutely loved it!!
Our guide, Sara, was incredible. She knew tons of info on not only the restaurants, but the towns history also.
We got to try some food we don’t normally sample and will definitely return for a “bigger taste”
Thanks for the great time and we guarantee that you’ll see us again!!” Steve H


“I loved the tour! It was a fun experience to share with friends or family. I just moved to the area–and took the tour to become familiar with the restaurant scene in Raleigh. The sample portions are very generous, and often times paired with wine! We toured 6 restaurants ranging from Asian to Italian to Indian…and ended the afternoon in a chocolate factory. You’ll love it.” Amy S.

“The Triangle Food Tour of Raleigh is a great way to get acquainted with the downtown restaurant scene. I have lived in Raleigh for more than 20 years, but it was fun to explore some new restaurants and get a taste of different cuisines. The variety of foods was great, the walk around town was exciting, and the people we met on the tour were great, too. All the restaurants went out of their way to make us feel welcome, introduce us to their chefs, and gave us samples of some of their best dishes–Asian, Indian, Italian, American–with wine, too! And of course, there was dessert. The visit to the chocolate factory and the wine &chocolate tasting were a perfect end to the tour. It’s a casual activity, so comfortable shoes will make the walk more enjoyable.” Janice G


“All of the restaurants on the Durham tour (West Durham version) were great. The tour offered a good mix of price points, restaurant atmospheres and types of food (every day to upscale). It was very cool to have the restaurant owners or chefs take the time out of their Saturdays to chat with us about their cuisine, history and more. While I really liked all of them, I especially liked the food at 604 West Village and Metro 8 Steakhouse. The dish at Blu Seafood also was tasty.  I was impressed with the portion sizes since I expected more of a sample size and we got very generous portions, including the special of the day at 604 West Village. The owner of Metro 8 was especially enthusiastic and was a fun part of our visit there. Chris, our guide, also was fantastic and friendly. He gave us just the right amount of information about the restaurants and Durham/Duke history along with the insider tidbits about the food (and pacing ourselves!). All in all, with the great Saturday weather, it was a fabulous excursion. I’ll definitely revisit some of the restaurants and check out other Triangle Food Tours.” Jessica B


“The Triangle has so many restaurants that trying to decide where to go can be overwhelming. The tour was such a fun and great way to explore options. There was so much variety and the guide, Chris, was polite, engaging, and informative. My husband and I already talking about which tour we want to do next!” Siobhan M.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Durham tour this past Saturday. I live in Raleigh, so although I knew that Durham had a lot of great restaurants, I don’t get over that way very often to try any of them. I have a new found appreciation for the restaurant scene, owners, culture, character & downtown Durham in general. I loved visiting restaurants that are locally owned, not huge franchises. It makes me want to support them even more. I was very impressed with the entire experience & can’t wait to do the other tours!” Maureen M


“What a pleasant afternoon. Our guide was informative and a breath of fresh air. The restaurants were friendly, professional, and genuinely happy to show us their best side. We have lived in Chapel Hill for 3 years but had only visited one of the eateries. We will definitely be revisiting some new discoveries we didn’t even know existed. Well done.” Stephen B


“All of the restaurants did a really nice job. The Top of the Hill did an amazing job and we’ll definitely thank him by returning to the restaurant. We very much enjoyed the diversity of the food and now realize we would like to go back and eat Indian and Turkish cuisine as well (which we may not have done previously). Terry was really good and knowledgeable too. Being a sweet lover, I also really enjoyed the chocolate shop. It was so good, we purchased additional treats there.” Pam G


“We took the Durham (east) tour this past weekend.  Although it was hot, I can’t say enough good things about our experience.  Our guide, Morgan, was informative and personable, all the restaurants we visited were welcoming, the food was outstanding, and we enjoyed getting to know the other participants in our group.  We visited seven restaurants, one of which was a surprise stop at an ice cream truck called The Parlour.  Living in Raleigh, it made us realize that we should head over to Durham more often!”  Diana C


“We had a delightful experience and look forward to going back and eating at some of the restaurants and definitely trying other area tours! All the chefs/owners were very informative and the food was delicious! Our guide was fun and informative too! Thanks.” Beth D


“Excellent tour – although I was familiar with most of the restaurants on the tour, I still discovered some I didn’t know about. I was thrilled and can’t wait to do all your other tours! What a blast, especially on a beautiful day as we were lucky enough to have. Many thanks. A great value and tons o’fun!”Becky W.


“I now see Durham in another light and will surely be back to dine!” Jonathan C


“Everywhere we went, our hosts were amazing! They gave us their undivided attention as well as their delicious food sampling. All were very different, so picking a favorite is quite difficult. I would go back to all seven!” Betsy K


“The tour was amazing! I thought the choices of restaurants were very well rounded and captured the heart of what Durham Food is all about. Meeting at the King’s Daughter’s Inn was the perfect beginning to the tour and the route we walked, including the amount of time it took from each stop to the scenery and buildings was well thought out and so enjoyable. I thought the tour guide gave just the right amount of information, giving us plenty of info and directions and yet the space to ask questions and enjoy each setting. Some of my favorite stops were Metro 8, Vin Rouge, Pop’s and Blu Seafood. (I have to say I loved all the stops though). Thank you for this tour, I live in North Raleigh and would never have known about such great restaurants in such a concentrated amount of time. I definitely plan to go back to them all and appreciated the hospitality that each gave. Having had this kind of connection with each restaurant has now established for me a “personal connection” with the food scene in Durham so that I feel comfortable coming back to places I know not only offer excellent food, but to support these businesses for their presence in this area.” Erin B.


“We just LOVED the tour and will go back to all of them (the restaurants). We had family from FL in town and they loved it so much they want to move here! Great job by our tour guide. We’re new to the area so we really enjoyed learning about the history of the towns and checking out restaurants we would have never known about.” Kasey M.


“The Raleigh tour was great. Many restaurants we didn’t know…or places we just had never been to. Will be going back to at least three of them very soon. We can’t wait to do the Durham tour next.” Donna T.


“Went on the tour for a friend’s bachelorette party and it was superb! A must for anyone celebrating a special occasion.” Kimberly G.


“We loved all the restaurants, but were really impressed with Capital Club 16. It was great food and it was nice to sample a bite or two of three different things. We really felt we got our money’s worth! The samples were nicely sized, more than we expected and we were pleased there were 5+ restaurants on the tour”. Denise M


“We really enjoyed the Cary. We had a good group. All stops were interesting but our favorite was Klara’s. We will definitely dine there on a regular basis. Her samples were the BEST of the tour and very generous. We also really liked Chocolate Smiles and cannot figure out why we never went in there before. The owner was a HOOT and her love of chocolate really came through.” Steve B.


“Overall, the tour was WONDERFUL. I plan to take all of the others and have already recommended them to friends! The value for your money is OUTSTANDING! I also plan to return to most of the restaurants as my schedule and budget allow!” Sharon V.

“The tour more than met expectations. Have told others about your tours today. Many are anxious to do a tour or give as a gift. This would also be good when you have out of town visitors.” Pat W.


“What an incredible experience. I went on the Cary tour and it was amazing. Thank you! ” Stacy L


“I plan to try several of the restaurants and will recommend the tour to friends. This is a great way to get a peek at dining options.” Mary S.


“Having lived in Cary for many years, I had tried most of the restaurants on the tour but I was reintroduced and will definitely be going back to each of them. The food was good, the owners enthusiastic, and the history from the guide informative. I was stuffed at the end of it! I plan to try the other tours in the other local towns soon.” Thersea E.


“I have to say, I’ve done a lot of different tours in my life, but this was my favorite.  I loved meeting the owners and chefs at the restaurants and learning more history about Downtown Cary.  I am looking forward to doing the other three tours.  It seems like these tours are a great way to not only learn about your town, but also discover restaurants that you wouldn’t necessarily go to! Thanks again!” Christina J


“The food tour was fabulous. It exceeded my expectations. I will certainly refer friends and family to the Durham Tour. We are already planning on doing the Chapel Hill Tour. Thank you so much for facilitating such a great local experience.” Ashley A.


“All of our party (daughter, son-in-law and myself) were very impressed with the food tour. It offered a very diverse variety of restaurants and I really like the way the owners/managers/chefs talked to the group about their specialties and history.” Christine G


“This is a fantastic way to learn about Durham if you’re an out-of-towner. My boyfriend and I took the tour because we’re thinking about moving to the area, and we learned so much–not only from our tour guide and the restaurants, but also from the other tour participants! Everyone else on our tour was local, and they gave us so much helpful information. The food was amazing, and the tour showed us just how walkable the city is. We’ll definitely be visiting a few of the restaurants from the tour on our next trip to Durham!” Theresa C.


“We are all looking forward to the tour and I’m sure we’ll be signing up for all of your other tours.  I’m a transplant from Long Island, NY and this is a great way to learn about the area.” Peggy T.  


“My wife and I found that our tour guide was very informative and pleasant to be around. She conveyed ideas clearly, with energy, and with humor. The restaurants chosen were eclectic, which my wife and I found enjoyable. I have already told numerous people about the tour, and when I have family in town, I may very well schedule a large group of friends and family. Awesome experience!” Joseph M.


“The food tour was great!  In addition to the wonderful food, we were also treated to a history lesson of Raleigh during the walk.  I have lived in Wake County for 20 years and have never taken the time to explore downtown Raleigh.  I’m glad that the tour exists and I look forward to future tours and for more restaurants to be added.” Vickie H.

“Enjoyed every minute of the tour, wouldn’t change a thing!
Excellent variety of restaurants and interesting historic info.” Patty W.


” I have lived in Cary for five years but have never really become familiar with Raleigh.  This was the perfect way to get to know the city–walking!!!  It helps you create a mental map of the area; you can see all you want to see as opposed to driving by. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone who would like a close up look at that very interesting city.” Barb O.


“The tour was interesting, delicious and informative – loved the little tidbits about Raleigh. I would take visiting friends on it!” Allan T.


“The food tour was really a unique experience and included a good cross-section of different venues. We came away with a better feel for the downtown area and plan to revisit on our own some of these gems.” Sandy S. 

“Loved the tour- I’m a long time Raleigh resident…didn’t know about several of the “gems”! Loved the tidbits of history and can’t wait to send some people your way!” Petra B.


“We had a blast. Already told a few friends about the tour. If you ever switch up the stops, be sure to let us know.” Rebecca D.


“Thank you for a fabulous introduction to downtown Raleigh. We had a great experience and enjoyed the informative tour (as well as the food!). Joshua and I both agree that all of the stops were enjoyable and look forward to revisiting many of them.” Christine D


“I have lived in Raleigh for over 11 Years and never experienced the downtown area in a casual setting. It was nice not only to taste unique and appetizing food samples, but also learn a little about downtown history as well. I recommend this tour for anyone who wants to do something different and doesn’t mind learning and exploring.” Senora R


“I was a little skeptical about walking around downtown Raleigh and sampling food; however, I found the experience absolutely awesome! The restaurant staffs were friendly and generous. It was truly amazing. My favorite food was- everything! The most unusual was the cucumber soup. Before tasting, I would have never ordered it from a menu, but now I will. BIG kudos to all the participating restaurants. I know where I will be dining on my return trip downtown!!” Sue B


“I had a wonderful time! I live in Durham and don’t come to Raleigh that often. After taking the tour and experiencing all the stops, I plan on visiting more often, if for no other reason than to visit the eateries.” Sheldon C


“The tour exceeded our expectations. Julie was great and made the experience one we really enjoyed. We look forward to going on the Saturday tour that visits other stops. We are really glad we did the tour—keep up the good work. “Donna & Robert J 


“Our tour guide was wonderful!  I really enjoyed finding new places to dine in Raleigh…quite a treat! Natasha W


I had a great time and really enjoyed the nice mix of atmospheres/ cuisine. I also enjoyed getting the historical perspective on the city- thanks for ordering such great weather, Julie! I’ll be back for a Saturday tour!” Sandy B


“Excellent variety of food and history; interesting commentary. We liked when the owners shared their stories. A wonderful afternoon of food and culture! David & Rosenne R


“I thoroughly enjoyed the casual, friendly atmosphere on the tour. I learned interesting tidbits about Raleigh history in addition to tasting some really yummy food! Thank you, Julie and the Triangle Food Tour! Debbie M


“You had done your homework making the tour interesting and informative.  Excellent choices of restaurants – good variety.” Ted W


“The walking food tour was so enjoyable. It was fun meeting new people and sharing the afternoon with them. Our tour guide was knowledgeable about the history of the area and knew how to include everyone in the fun. All of the restaurants had completely different decors and menus. We will return to all of them at a future date.” Marshall H


“This tour was excellent. Our guide, Julie was friendly and informative. All of the restaurants were welcoming and hospitable. I have told several people about the tour and we look forward to doing the Saturday one soon.” Kim H


“Debra was wonderful, the food was delicious and the tour was interesting! Thanks again for making special arrangements for my group – everyone had very delightful day! We would highly recommend to all!” Eileen J


“I really enjoyed the tour and our tour guide was wonderful. I have already put the word out, thanks for a wonderful experience.” Domonica M


“I live in the area and do not venture downtown very often, but was curious about what downtown had to offer…this tour was perfect for me!  I was introduced to a variety of restaurants that I look forward to visiting again in the near future! Overall, the tour was fabulous…even better than I expected. Our guide, Lisa, was great! She had a wonderful, fun personality and was very informative and entertaining.  Lisa did a great job keeping our tour right on schedule and running smoothly. ” Heather D


“Our guide was a standout- she was knowledgeable, kept us in line and on time all with a warm smile and positive energy. I have recommended the tour to a lot of folks- great service you all are providing to merchants and foodies alike!”. Jonathan C