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Bringing Your Wedding Party on a Food Tour

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Bringing Your Wedding Party on a Food Tour


Undoubtedly, the wedding is the most memorable event in one’s life. It’s the point at which you begin to believe that all the love songs are about you.

The couple and their family strive for perfection to enjoy the wonderful moments of the wedding. People dream of having flawless wedding plans, looking at even the tiniest details. Everything should exude love and enthusiasm, from the location to the cuisine, the invitations to the gift bags, the outfits to the decorations.

At the end of the day, your wedding day is about celebrating your love for the person you’re going to marry.

…But what about right before the wedding? This is when all of your guests have arrived and are anxious to explore the city. A food tour can be an enjoyable and entertaining way to spend quality time with your wedding party. Check out some of the reasons we suggest going on a food tour with your wedding party below!

What is a Food Tour?

First things first. What exactly is a food tour? A food tour, also known as a culinary tour, is a guided tour that teaches guests about history and traditions via food culture. They may focus on one historic neighborhood, just snacks, just desserts, or a specific regional cuisine. Make sure you come hungry! Tours make multiple stops, which means multiple tastings or bites to try.

Food tours do the research for you. They curate a city’s most historic and most representative restaurants and dishes so you don’t have to spend hours on social media sifting through top 10 lists.

Food tours often combine tastings with historic walking tours. This gives patrons a context of the cuisine and a greater appreciation of the city they are visiting. Guests are usually offered a sample of top-selling or trademark foods when visiting a restaurant, along with historic context provided by the guide.

Consider a culinary tour as a way to stretch out your meal among many eateries.

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Spice up Your Wedding Party With a Food Tour

No matter where your ideas take you, food is always the constant that brings people together. It’s a way for us to convey our culture and traditions. The bulk of regional cuisine represents generations of traditions and is a part of national identities.

Food tours are perfect for guests who want to try new activities, eat new foods, and learn about different cultures. They’ll be able to try local cuisines crafted with the freshest ingredients and chat with local chefs and restauranters.

Guests embark on culinary tours for various reasons, one of which is to try out new restaurants and specialty dishes that they may not have tried otherwise. Transporting guests across new dining rooms, smells and flavors, and regional cuisines add diversity to a routine meal.

A culinary tour with Triangle Food Tours is a great way to entertain your wedding guests. Food sharing and touring with others is a great way to strengthen bonds with people, especially with friends and family who are about to share your special day with you.

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Why a Food Tour Is a Unique Experience for Your Wedding Guests

Culinary tours allow your wedding party to sample trademark dishes from a city’s top restaurants all in one meal, allowing you to taste a community’s food culture quickly.

It’s a Simple Tribute to Those Who Mean the Most to You

Having a wedding party is a simple way to express your love for those close to you and your partner. Being chosen for someone’s wedding party is an honor. A food tour is a thoughtful way to show those around you how much you appreciate them.

Helps Your Guests Get Acquainted With the City

Let’s face it, many of us do not have enough time to adequately prepare for our vacations. Sure, I have those friends who make Excel spreadsheets and map out every hour of the day. But that is not me. I can’t tell you how many guidebooks I have bought, quickly browsed through and threw into my luggage, only to get to my vacation city to find I was woefully underprepared. Tours help me hands-on understand and appreciate my surroundings. There is something to be said about getting to your new city and getting a tour and recommendations from a local.

Aside from trying new foods, a food tour allows you to learn about the region, get useful culinary and cultural advice, and have a nice time during your trip.

You Have the Opportunity to Support Small Businesses

On a food tour, you’ll forego fast food chains in favor of local shops that are an integral part of the city. The bulk of the cafes and food spots visited on these excursions are managed by local individuals or families. You will often visit establishments that have been around for decades.

These tours are a fantastic way for small local companies to attract new consumers and receive the support they deserve. You often get the opportunity to directly interact with an owner, manager, or a family member and learn their story.

How Can You Make Your Food Tour-Themed Wedding Party a Success?

Chat with your tour guide to create a personalized tour experience for you and your guests. Let the tour guide know if you and your wedding party like trying new foods, if you would prefer vegetarian options, or if you were looking forward to trying a specific regional cuisine.

Tour companies truly want to work with you, they want to make sure you are getting everything out of a tour that you imagined!

Decide If You Want a Themed Food Tour

While some guided food tours do focus on high-end establishments like steakhouses and seafood restaurants, many stick to regional favorites like reasonably priced full-service restaurants, fast-casual eateries, and shops that provide pastries, ice cream, beer, wine, and drinks. These choices provide your guests with a more genuine impression of the local food scene.

Guided culinary tours visit a wide range of eateries, but they frequently reflect the culture and character of the city. While some trips include a specific theme, like a taco or pizza tour, others visit a range of eateries. Decide if you had your heart set on a BBQ tour, bar crawl, historic restaurant tour, or something else regionally-specific. If you are unsure about a customized route, don’t be afraid to put your trust in the guide and let you and your wedding party tag along for the ride!

Preparing for Your Food Tour

Before the tour begins, your wedding party should aim to be at the meeting location at least 10 minutes before the trip starts. Groups are frequently taken on guided culinary excursions to restaurants that are close to one another. Often you will be walking from stop to stop so make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes, a bottle of water, sunscreen, and an umbrella.

Anyone embarking on a guided culinary tour who has allergies or dietary restrictions should let their tour guide know in advance so that they can accommodate each guest.

Few guided cuisine excursions post their itinerary in advance, so be prepared for a fun adventure!


A food tour is a wonderful way to show your guests that you appreciate them. These fun bonding events can be a good break from the wedding chaos and allow you and your wedding party to just have fun and explore the city.

Triangle Food Tours can customize your food tour. Whether you are looking for a fun and boozy bar hop/brewery tour or are looking for a more relaxed history and food tour, we let you choose how you would like to spend your tour, a “choose your own adventure” if you will! Because no matter the route, food tours are a fun, special, and engaging adventure.

Whether you are a local or doing a destination wedding, food tours help guests discover the gems of the city. We look forward to being a part of your wedding experience.

Book one of our food tours here. Or, contact us and we can start planning your custom bachelor or bachelorette tour now.